Hire Protection.

Protect money from unethical Photographer / Videographer.

For Consumer

Hirevent delivery guaranteed


Our system will keep notify your photographer via SMS so they'll not forget about your photoshoot session.
Hirevent authentic guaranteed


Plagiarism is a deep and burdensome problem in photography, No plagiarism are allowed in Hirevent platform and they're being filtered by our A.I.
Hirevent refund guaranteed


If you are not 100% satisfied with your photoshoot, you can contact us to get a 50% of your booking payment.

Introducing Hirevent Consumer Protection

We’re committed to creating a safe and trusted photoshoot booking platform.
What’s covered?
Our Consumer Protection Insurance program provides primary liability coverage of up to 50% of your booking payment.

The program covers booking fraud happen within our platform. We secure your booking payment until your photoshoot is finished before we release the booking payment to photographer. Futhermore, the program also cover if your're not satisfied with your photoshoot moments.

Good enough to protect your booking ?

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